Skills and Experience

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My list of skills is extensive and well-rounded.

  • Contortionist
  • Violinist
  • Guitarist
  • Actor
  • Voiceover
  • Stretching Instructor
  • Prosthetics/Bodypaint Model
  • Choreographer
  • Mime
  • Rollerskater
  • Statue

Feel free to browse my CV with this link:

KBG CV 18 Aug 2015

Performance Resume:

  • 2014 Variety Show, Stilettos Club, Dunedin
  • 2014 Edwardian Fete, Train Station, Dunedin
  • 2014┬áMonday Night Magic, the Darkroom, Christchurch
  • 2014 The Riccarton Farmer’s Market, Christchurch
  • 2014 Mime Classes, Christchurch
  • 2014 The Otago Farmer’s Market, Dunedin
  • 2014 Cabaret L’amour, Understudy Theatre, Wellington
  • 2014 Scratch Night, the Court Theatre, Christchurch
  • 2014┬áSuzuki South Island Workshop, Christchurch
  • 2014 New Street Show, ReStart Mall, Christchurch
  • 2014 Farewell Performance, Spin Circus Academy, Melbourne Australia
  • 2014 The Variety Collective, The Brunswick Green, Melbourne Australia
  • 2014 Boylesque, The Ruby Lady’s Harem, Pallet Pavillion, Christchurch
  • 2014 Variety Show, Totaranui Homestead, Golden Bay, Takaka
  • 2013 Monday Night Magic, the Darkroom, Christchurch
  • 2013 The Otago Farmer’s Market, Dunedin
  • 2013 Boylesque, Athaenium Theatre, Dunedin
  • 2013 Farewell Fundraiser Party, Shooters Bar & Saloon, Auckland
  • 2013 “What would YOUth Do?” Youth Culture, Music & Activism, Bentley’s Bar, Canterbury University, Christchurch
  • 2013 Wellington Festival of Circus
  • 2013 Hero HQ, Anzac Day, Wellington Zoo
  • 2013 Golden Carnie Awards, Opera House, Wellington
  • 2013 The Otago Farmer’s Market, Dunedin
  • 2013 “Mr Faust and Dr Jabberwocky: A Steampunk Firefable”, The Gasworks Museum, Dunedin Fringe Festival
  • Performed as a Contortionist character/choreographer/musical consultant
  • 2013 “My Beautiful Disaster” Theatrical production, Gryphon Theatre, Wellington Fringe Festival
  • 2013 Scavenger Hunt, Queen’s Wharf, Wellington
  • 2013 Fun Concert, Waitaki Boy’s High School, Oamaru
  • 2013 Variety Show, Totaranui Homestead, Golden Bay, Takaka
  • 2012 Corporate Entertainment, West Side Studios, Wellington
  • 2012 Sideshow, Hamilton Fringe Festival, Hamilton
  • 2012 Luxcity, Festival of Transitional Architecture, Fledge, Christchrchurch
  • 2012 Body Art Awards, with BodyFX, Bruce Mason Theatre, Auckland
  • 2012 Petone Winter Carnival, Wellington
  • 2012 Theatrical Circus Production “Raw 2”, Wellington Circus Trust, Wellington
  • 2012 Electric Salon: Future Schlock, The Medusa, Wellington
  • 2012 Castle Circus Studio Fundraiser, Kelston, Auckland
  • 2012 Farewell Fundraiser, Wellington Circus Trust, Wellington
  • 2012 Poly Wants a Cracker, Pacific Arts Exhibition, Deane Gallery, Wellington
  • 2012 Armageddon Expo, TSB Arena, Wellington
  • 2012 Experimental Variety Show with FUSE Circus, Wellington
  • 2012 Public Show with Circus Kumarani, Town Hall, Cambridge
  • 2012 Variety Show, Lake Karapiro, the Main Hall
  • 2012 New Zealand Juggling Festival
  • 2012 Theatrical Circus Production “Raw”, Wellington Circus Trust, Wellington
  • 2012 Auckland Circus Convention, The Great Corban Estate Arts Centre, Henderson
  • 2012 Variety Show, Totaranui Homestead, Golden Bay, Takaka
  • 2011 Corporate Birthday Party, The Roxx Climbing Centre, Christcurch
  • 2011 Renegade Variety Show, The Marquee, Dunedin
  • 2011 Circulation Festival, Whare Flat, Dunedin (annual event)
  • 2011 Circus Technique Cocktail Party, Technique Training Restaurant, Dunedin
  • 2011 Red Bennies Sunday Variety Cabaret, Melbourne
  • 2011 Australian Contortion and Handbalancing Festival, Melbourne
  • 2011 Order of Dionysus, Experimental Variety Show, Kreation Where Good Things Begin, Christchurch
  • 2011 The Three Penny Opera, MUSOC, University of Canterbury
  • 2011 Jade Circus Extravaganza, Jade Software Corporation, Christchurch
  • 2011 Madd Hatter’s Tea Party, CBS Arena, Christchurch
  • 2011 Promotional Monster Rampage, Riccarton Mall, Christchurch
  • 2011 The Erin Simpson Show, Aranui High School, Christchurch
  • 2011 Circus Aotearoa, Canterbury A&P Grounds and Richmond Green, Christchurch
  • 2011 Canterbury’s Got Talent, Ashburton Events Centre
  • 2011 Mini-Circ Festival, CYC Waihola, Dunedin
  • 2011 Oxford “A Day In The Country” Festival, Oxford, Canterbury
  • 2011 Charity Event, Reformed Church of Christchurch
  • 2011 Charity Event, Opawa Baptist Church, Christchurch
  • 2011 Charity Event, Roy Stokes Community Hall, New Brighton, Christchurch
  • 2011 Charity Event, Burnside High School Shelter
  • 2011 Q.U.R.B. Variety Show, El Santo Porteno, under The British Hotel, Lyttelton, Christchurch
  • 2010 Circulation Festival, Whare Flat, Dunedin
  • 2010 Circus Under The Stars, CPIT North Quad, Chirstchurch (annual production)
  • 2010 Hagley “Circus Playtime”, Green Room, Hagley Community College, Christchurch
  • 2010 Dias de los Muertos, or Mexican “Day of the Dead” for Lush Handmade Cosmetics
  • 2010 Traditional Circus Performance, Circo Arts Building, CPIT, Christchurch
  • 2010 Circus Superhero Bootcamp, Circo Arts Building, CPIT, Christchurch
  • 2010 Easter Retreat, Mini-Circ Festival, Whare Flat, Dunedin (annual event)
  • 2010 The Exotic Circus Selection, Circo Arts Building, CPIT, Christchurch
  • 2009 The Amazing, Spectacular Summer School Circus, Circo Arts Building, CPIT, Christchurch
  • 2009 Circus Under The Stars, CPIT North Quad, Christchurch (annual production)

I am also available for teaching my art to groups or individuals, which is made up of seperate phases, as listed below. From beginner levels to advanced, from young to old, it doesn’t matter as long as the enthusiasm is present.


Teaching experience includes:

Co-organising summer workshops with Olli Ricken at Circo Arts 2007-2009

Workshops for Dunedin-based festival Circulation and Mini-Circ, its smaller counterpart 2010-2011

Hagley Community College Theatrical Performance Project 2010

A 4-day private teaching workshop in New Plymouth 2011

Temuka Summer Camp at Anglican Church 2012 Auckland Circus Convention 2012

Wellington Circus Trust, Stretch Classes 2012

Stretching Workshops at the Castle Circus Studio, Auckland, 2013 and 2014

Stretching Workshops at the Kazbah Studio, Dunedin, 2013

Mime Workshops at Waimairi Community Centre, Christchurch, 2014

Stretching Workshop at Vertical Aerial Dance Pole Studio, Dunedin 2014

Able to teach: Stretching/Contortion in different levels/phases Private or Group Self-care, Shoulders/Hamstring/Hips/Back Flexibility/Breathing Stamina, Splits, Advanced Stretch Conditioning, Intense backbends, Flexibility development/maintenance, Poses/Movement/Balance/Mime/ Choreography/Act development/Spacing/Performance presentability.

It is important that all participants under my instruction inform me of any medical/injury-based/general health conditions they have that may interfere with the process.